Saturday, June 6, 2015

#NulisRandom2015 : Day 3 (Writer's Block)

Huahhh...ngalamin Writer's Block... Nggak tau mau nulis apa. Di kepala seh ada beribu ide. Tetapi susah ngeluarin nya.. Stuck banget .... What must I do?

There are so many reasons why i feel it? Maybe, I think it's not a right time to write. My idea may need to stew a little longer before writing them down. or Maybe now i feel so afraid with putting my idea. I'm afraid with critique from the others. So, now i try to get it perfect in my mind before i put in into a paper. And Until now i never to begin write

So, what must i do?
The Answer is May be i have to go for a walk. And then I must to eliminate distractions ( I need to focus). But Until now I never to begin some words, May be I have to do something to get my blood flowing ( I need to running). Or the reason my stuck is Environment... So I need to change my environment (Cafe or library maybe good idea). But until now i never to begin...

Oh I know.. I just need to write.. write anything... don't think about the story, about the theme, or etc. Just write.. I need just begin.. Just begin is the answer. So I'm start now

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